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 Who are we? 

The 7. Fußbataillon "Wütende Wölfe" was founded on July 10th, 2019

as a HOLDFAST: NATIONS AT WAR regiment. We are composed of members with several years

of experience in black powder games.

We are looking for players to join not just our regiment, but our tight-knit community.

In the 7.Fuß, we take time to train new players on how to perform better in the regiment through

 weekly training and internal line battles. But with us, it's not all about Holdfast.

An equally important part of induction to our regiment is the time we spend

playing other games as a group of friends. 

And we want you to be a part of it!


As part of the 7.Fuß, you will gain access to a multiple-regiment-spanning community across many games, as well as great community events, fun people, and an experienced officer staff.

Our regiment has opportunities to join our Infantry, Artillery, Skirmisher, and Cavalry detachments.

And with no attendance requirements, you can get to know every member

at your own pace. But we hope to see you as much as we can!

Whether a casual or competitive player, we have a place for you. Whether you just want to have fun, 

or take your performance to the next level, your place is with us. 

For more information, please explore the site!

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