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The rank and file, the disciplined, the steadfast

Feldjäger zu Fuss

The accurate, the few, the select snipers of the regiment

Feldjäger zu Pferd

The horsemen, the brave, the deciders of battle


The cannoneers, the sappers,

the loud


When you decide to join,

you will have access to play with our wide variety of specialized units.

Starting as an infantryman, you will be trained in melee, shooting, and discipline. 

From there, you will be able to try out our other detachments and see which you like best. 

If we have an opening with one of our groups, and you've performed well,

then you may just be able to join them!

Are you a marksman? Do you like firing from cover, reloading on the move, and harassing enemy units?

Then you just might be a Skirmisher!

Do you thirst for glory? Are you riled up at the thought of a noble charge or chasing down a routing foe?

Then you just might be a Cavalryman!

Do you like big explosions? Do you dream of tearing apart your enemy with iron balls, grapeshot, or rockets?

Then you are definitely an Artillerist!

Or is the bayonet your tool of choice? Do you like stabbing as much as shooting, and holding the line at all costs?

Then stick with the Line Infantry!

No matter your choice, we guarantee success and a good time.

And with the option to try out as many detachments as you want, at any time, you can't go wrong!

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