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Join us through Discord

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If you are a Holdfast: Nations at War player and would like to join us for line battles, community events, and a great regimental experience, then the 7.Fuß is the place for you! 

If you'd like to join, the process is simple!

Just click the icon or copy and paste the link to join our discord.  

From there, you'll enter our #Landing-Bay  and get to chat with our members! 
Then, head to the #Conscription-Office and answer the following questions:

What is your in-game name?*
Do you agree to our #📜discord-rules📜?
Are you currently in a different Holdfast regiment? If yes, which one?
Do you have Teamspeak 3?
Do you want to join the 7.Fuß? If yes, who/what brought you here? 
@Regimental Moderator 

One you get in, go to the #Common-Tent and tell us about yourself! 

To the question ''who/what brought you here?'' just answer ''7.Fuß Website''. 

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