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Website to do list

Here's the to do list for the website. Add here any task you want, respecting the little graph

Urgent, important
Urgent, not important

-Fix new ranks and add cav for roster

-Fix Player profiles

-Fix the mobile version of the site

Important, not urgent

-Add award medals pictures

Not important, not urgent

Website weekly to do list

-Make sure announcements are updated

- Include winning meme of meme competition (if not a video)

-Put out weekly FAKE NEWS

-Put out videos from regiments members

-Make sure weekly giveaway is up

-Check every new content for spelling mistakes

-Update ranks after promotion ceremony

-Contact newly kompany-inducted members for player profiles

-Check out links and pages to make sure everything works

Ideas List

-Interactive game, match the officer with their baby pictures

-A Regiment podcast

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