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7.Fuß Game Vault F.A.Q.

How can I get a Game ticket?

Game tickets are awarded on special occasions. They can be won in giveaways, they can be given as prize for competitions, given for special occasions, etc. 

I won a ticket, how do I claim a game?

You ask TANK on discord, he's the one managing the Game Tickets

I want to organize a competition, can I give a Game Ticket as a prize?

Ask TANK. Game tickets are meant to help out making a better community. If you're ideas fits this idea, you'll most probably be awarded a ticket for your project. TANK will still manage the tickets distribution though, as he has the game keys

I'm an officer and I want to give a ticket for a special occasion, what do I do?

Tickets can be awarded to every detachments commanding officer (the highest ranked person) and Majors. These officers can warn TANK at any moment that they want to give a ticket. Commanding officers are invited to be responsible with these tickets as we don't want to start giving them away for anything, as they represent money-invested prizes. 

How long is my ticket valid? 

There is no official expiration date to the Game Tickets, they will simply fade away if the vault ever shuts down. You guys most probably will get a heads up if this happens.

I won a ticket first, but someone that won a ticket after me claimed the game I wanted. What do I do?

As tickets don't have expiration dates they also don't have any prio system. First come first served. 

Will the games in the Game Vault change at some point?

Game vault can change at any time, but last refill saw 70 games added in march 2021. Vault shouldn't get an important refill until the end of the year, around november

I already own every game in the vault, can I get something else for my ticket?

Get a life you f*ckin nerd. And no. You can either get a game for a friend or wait a refill

I selected a game with one of my tickets, then the vault got a refill with better games. What can I do?

Claims cannot be undone. As refills will come no one can guarantee what games will come in, be sure you use your ticket for a game you want or would like to try. 

Where do these games come from?

TANK and Tom made a donation of games to make this project possible. Some games were bought, some were acquired in bundles such as Humble Monthly, and some games were acquired by trades. A total of 400+ games were gathered, and trades made it possible to get better games instead of sh*tty games like ''Bad rats'' for example. 

I received my game but the key doesn't work, what do I do?

Send a screenshot to TANK and tell him about the situation. You will be proposed with different solutions. 

What kind of games are in the vault? Why those titles?

Most games in the vault are games worth between 5 and 20$ average price (on sale). They're either pretty decent indie games or older AAA titles. As most past giveaways were limited in options, this formula allowed to give more minor titles and offer a wide selection to make sure that everyone can find something interesting.

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