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Donations & Sponsors

Playing a video game is fun and easy. Plus, aside from the game itself and the rig you play it on, there are very few costs.


Running a regiment, however, is a different story. To provide this wonderful experience to you all, we pay for and run a Holdfast Server, a Teamspeak Server, and we further work to upkeep this website and our discord. We also put funding towards community events and prizes to create a fun and engaging environment for you all.

This is why we accept donations. We use donation funds towards the upkeep of our Holdfast and Teamspeak server, and the website, as well as other regiment-related endeavors.

To donate, you can visit our PayPal.

To get more bang for your buck, you can also head to our shop for some 7.Fuß merch!

Thank you to all our donors, you make all of this community possible and a great place to be.

Donator Rewards
By default, people may only wear one Donator Medal on Teamspeak

Any amount 
Your name goes on the Donators Wall on TeamSpeak!

$5: Donator Bronze
You will gain access to the donator channel on Discord!
You will be allowed to wear one more Donator Medal!

$15: Donator Silver
You will be granted a Donator Channel!

$25: Donator Gold
You will be awarded a custom TeamSpeak Icon for your Donator Channel!

$50: Donator Platinum
You will be awarded a custom TeamSpeak Donator Medal!

$100: Donator Diamond
You will be allowed to wear one more Donator Medal!
You will be awarded a sub-channel for your Donator Channel!

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