Join official Holdfast servers to earn points, then post a screenshot of your accomplishments to the "awards request" channel in our Discord server!

Available awards :
XP Awards: In a single round on an official Holdfast server, earn ...
@👑│XP King        - 5,000pts
@🏰│XP Lord         - 4,000pts
@⚔️│XP Warrior - 3,000pts
@🗡️│XP Brigand  - 2,000pts
@⛏️│XP Peasant - 1,000pts
@☮️│Pacifist         - 2,000pts without getting any kills

Kill Awards: In a single round on an official Holdfast server, get ...
@☠️│Pub Executioner - 50 kills
@💀│Pub Slaughterer - 40 kills
@⚰️│Pub Slayer            - 30 kills
@🪓│Pub Butcher         - 20 kills
@🔪│Pub Killer              - 10 kills
@🎯│Sniper Elite          - 1 kill from 200m+ (artillery does not count)

Each week, getting 2,500pts in a public match will count for attendance as a farming session!

The first Sunday of every month, all XP awards (except @☮️│Pacifist) and all Kill awards (except @🎯│Sniper Elite) will be reset! Any member who has earned both @⚰️│Pub Slayer or above and @⚔️│XP Warrior or above will be awarded the 🦅│7.Fuß Battle Pass for the next month!
The battle pass gives you exclusive access to the #│7fuß-battle-pass channel where giveaways will be hosted!

Every Friday night is our dedicated community night! We will play various games and just, in general, hang out together, whether here on Teamspeak or another discord. Feel free to come and talk to people!