Spotify Moments

This time: Grey

''this song has a huge nostalgia factor for me, as i would listen to it every day on my bus ride to and from high school.''

"there is also a nostalgia factor of this song for me, specifically because it was "our song" in the first successful relationship i've ever had.""

same "our song" story as the last one but this was in an unsuccessful long-distance relationship. still miss her.

''one of my favorite songs of all time, i never get tired of it. it's so beautiful and just overall has meant a lot for me the entire time i've known it.''

"i also have lots of memories of listening to this song during bus rides to and from my high school every day. it's to the point where i associate specific locations with certain timestamps in the song."

''i've loved CASTLEBEAT for a very long time but only recently found this song, and it's been one of my favorites ever since.''

"here it is. i honestly think this is my favorite song of all time. it is so comforting to me for so many reasons. the singers' adrogynous-sounding voice, the base line, the melody, the chorus, gosh it all just fits together so perfectly."